In Vitro Fertilization

Embryo Transfer


Provide a world class standard of excellence in cattle reproductive technologies by introducing the best genetics from Argentina through embryo transfer and holistic herd management, which covers the vast range of requirements of farmers seeking genetic improvement in their cattle with the objective of production increase.



Create a cattle quality revolution by combining a genetic jump with an ideal environment for herds to reach their productive potential. To implement a methodic approach to farms and animal husbandry to develop high quality products and competitiveness, with a long-term plan for the Philippines to be a self-sufficient cattle country and have the capability to export.


Due to the increasing growth in population and economic power in the Philippines, there will be a directionally proportional growth in the demand for high quality beef and dairy products. Currently, the Philippines demands heavily on the importation of meat products to fulfill the needs of over 100 million people. Genex Biotech’s objective is to introduce elite cattle genetics from Argentinian embryos produced through in Vitro fertilization. We are committed to support our farmers with technology and knowledge about farm management, nutrition and health programs. We have put together an international team that is up to date with the latest best practices for commercial farm management and production. Ultimately our goal is to help the Philippines to be a cattle producer country and a leader in cattle quality.



Zootechnical improvements can be done through the environment or improved genetics. Both variables are important and necessary, and when possible it should be done simultaneously. The animal is the result of its genes and its environment. The expression of this characteristic is milk production or meat, for example. It depends on the joint action of the inheritance that the animal received from parental genetics and environmental conditions in which it is maintained throughout his life.

The environment includes factors such as general management, weather, facilities, food availability, food quality, the presence or absence of disease factors, among other things.

Genetic improvement is a set of selection processes to establish the frequency of the best desirable genes in a population.

Therefore, an important variable for genetic introduction and improvement is to establish a harmonious relationship with the environment. Therefore, animals could express their genetic potential to the maximum, at a lower cost and in the shortest amount of time possible, optimizing production, quality and available resources.